Carlin Johnson leads personal development workshops, team building sessions, and group facilitation of mission, vision, and values statements.

Carlin is an experienced and energetic leader of Laurie Beth Jones’ Path Elements, a transformational workshop based on the four elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Wind. It is designed as a relationship-building and communication tool that gives individuals, teams, and families a common language for gaining respect and understanding.

In addition, Carlin leads Stephen Covey’s bedrock workshop, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, along with other custom-built trainings to suit your team. She recognizes that the real work begins after a workshop and seeks to equip participants with knowledge, tools, and motivation to apply new insights to their lives.

Carlin began her training and consulting business in 1998 after the birth of her third child. Having worked 15 years as a human resources professional in manufacturing, advertising, and pharmaceuticals, she sought to lock-in on her greatest gifts and priorities – teaching others and partnering with her husband to raise their three children. Her kids have graduated from college now and are living and loving life in various places across the country and around the world. (Check out The World Race.)

Carlin is a business graduate of the gorgeous University of Washington, where she was a member of the Husky women’s basketball team. While Carlin set numerous records during her playing career at Washington, most of them have been broken. She lays claim, however — and perhaps for life — to a couple of exceptional records: The most fouls in a season and the most fouls in a career. Somehow this reminds her of the 103-year-old cowgirl who died when she fell off a horse… give your all until you fall off your horse (or foul out of the game).

If you live near Cary, you may spot Carlin out running with her dogs, Mocha and Mia. She enjoys exercise, the sun and beach, reading books on faith and leadership, and baking her secret-recipe, almost-famous, and always-coveted oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Carlin serves as the head varsity girls’ basketball coach at GRACE Christian School, a position that brings her joy and inspiration! She also partners with the Center for Volunteer Caregiving to provide companionship to elderly friends in the area. She and her husband live in Apex with their two cats and Mocha and Mia.

Mocha and Mia