The 7 Habits for Managers

A One-day Workshop for any Leader

Just one extraordinary day—that’s all it takes to learn and start applying the 7 Habits in your life. If you’re feeling the pressures of dealing with life and working in today’s world… if you’d like to gain control of your frenzied days… if you want to make a greater impact in your organization and find more fulfillment, this workshop will give you a huge advantage.

A Small Investment that Delivers Big Results

Imagine how you would benefit personally and professionally if you could:

  • Shed unproductive habits and get more done, every day
  • Create a personal mission statement and use it to achieve all the goals you set
  • Accomplish more by focusing your energy on the right things
  • Set priorities in line with what’s important to you—and your organization

Through engaging discussions, videos, and activities, you’ll learn these and many more tools that will produce a swift and significant increase in your productivity.

You Will Learn How to:

  • Apply the 7 Habits in your role as a manager or leader
  • Change habits that hold you back
  • Communicate to understand, then to be understood
  • Get people to trust and follow you
  • Think win-win to accomplish more through other people
  • Continue to re-charge, renew, and grow

You will also receive The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People book, your reference for whenever you need an effectiveness boost! Round out your workshop experience with Stephen R. Covey’s landmark book, your reference following the workshop for whenever you need an effectiveness boost.